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The 17th Greater Tumen Initiative Consultative Commission Meeting was held in Moscow, Russia
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Moscow – The 17th Greater Tumen Initiative (GTI) Consultative Commission (CC) Meeting was successfully held in Moscow on June 29, 2017. The High-level delegates from the GTI Member States (the People’s Republic of China, Mongolia, the Republic of Korea, and the Russian Federation), as well as the representatives from the local governments of Northeast Asia, financing institutions, research institutions, and international organizations, took part in the meeting.


Mr. G. Batkhurel (Director General of Ministry of Finance, Mongolia) emphasized “the role of the GTI is crucial for gaining mutual benefits from development advantages and reserves of each member countries” in his remarks. He indicated that GTI should be taken to a new level and to sustain legal stability, further strengthens the involvement of member countries and their commitment, and it is also necessary to implement concrete and solid projects, to intensify the activities of the GTI core sectors cooperation, to prioritize and implement economically viable projects, programs and to reach tangible results.


Mr. ZHANG Shaogang (Director General of Commerce, People’s Republic of China) also speaking at the opening, called on member states to make efforts in following aspects: 1) enhance the policy coordination for the promotion of priority sectors, the implementation of practical activities and large-scale projects, and the support to legal transition; 2) promote trade and investment cooperation; 3) increase infrastructure connectivity in terms of corridor construction and transportation operation; and expressed the strong resolution on continuous support in the development of GTI and GTR.


In the speech by Mr. JIN Seoungho (Director General of Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Republic of Korea), he recognized the active activities, fruitful achievements and continuous improvement of institutional structure of the GTI, called for attentions and efforts on developing GTI into an independent international organization to reveal its unlimited potential in the development of NEA international cooperation, and committed to provide sustained support for and active participate in the GTI development and cooperation.


The representatives appreciated solid progress of GTI activities under the guidance of GTI Strategic Action Plan (SAP) 2012-2015 and had in-depth discussion towards the GTI SAP for 2017-2020, the development of a mechanism for Project Office in the framework of the further development of GTI, and pending issues of legal transition. Member countries welcomed the new SAP as well as the mechanism for GTI Project Office and reaffirmed their pledge to take actions to expedite the legal transition process.


The GTI member states reviewed the substantive development progresses in Transport, Trade & Investment, Tourism, Energy, Environment and Agriculture since the 16th CC Meeting, appraised the sustainable progress and tangible achievements, and endorsed the following documents.


ž   TOR of the Trade Investment Committee (TIC) & Customs Sub-Committee (CSC)

ž   Roadmap of Trade Investment Committee

ž   The Strategic Action Plan of the GTI Agriculture Committee

ž   Proposal of GTI Trade and Investment Cooperation Roundtable Meeting

ž   Proposal of Study on the Soft Environment of Regional Supply Chain Connectivity

ž   Proposal of Workshop on Cross-Border Trade Facilitation and Single Window Implementation in Northeast Asia


During the meeting, the joint sessions with GTI Local Cooperation Committee, NEA EXIM Banks Association, GTI Research Institutions Network (RIN), and GTI partners were conducted to explore concrete actions to promote regional development through engaging diverse stakeholders including local governments, financial institutions, research institutions and other partner agencies. Member states welcomed the selection of the specialized grain terminal construction in Zarubino Port as the pilot project of EXIM Banks Association with top priority, and approved two Joint Project Proposals of RIN: Promoting Connectivity in GTI in Physical, Institutional and People-to-People Dimensions, and Prospect of Greater Tumen Regional Cooperation. The chair expressed gratitude to the continuous strong supports provided by international partners including the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), and Economic Research Institute for Northeast Asia (ERINA).


Before the closing of the Meeting, the official delegations approved 2016 Expenditure, 2017 Budget Proposal, 2017 Work Plan, and reached consensus on adopting the text of Moscow Declaration.


After the meeting, the government of the Mongolia took the role of GTI CC Chairmanship and announced that the 18th CC meeting will take place in Mongolia in 2018.