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Our Vision


GTI's vision is to build a great partnership for common prosperity between neighbours. We are committed to strengthening cooperation under the GTI framework to increase mutual benefit, accelerate economic growth and promote sustainable development in Northeast Asia and in particular the Greater Tumen Region.




In accordance with the GTI Strategic Action Plan (2012 - 2015), GTI member countries share the following strategic objectives for the period 2012 to 2015:


  • Promote the rehabilitation and construction of basic transportation infrastructure and major transportation hubs to support economic cooperation and development in the GTR; 
  • Deregulate the border-crossing procedures for the efficient movement of goods and passengers in the GTR; 
  • Create a favourable environment to facilitate trade and attract private sector investment in the GTR, and improve access to international financial institutions for both public and private sector investment; 
  • Promote the GTR as a globally attractive tourism destination and increase the cross-border tourist flows in the GTR; 
  • Establish an effective institutional mechanism for energy policy support and reduce non-physical barriers to energy transmission and trade in the GTR; 
  • Promote environmental sustainability in the GTR while conducting economic activities; 
  • Strengthen the partnerships with Japan and DPRK and their participation in GTI cooperation for common prosperity in NEA;  
  • Enhance the capacity of the GTI as a significant regional economic and political partnership in NEA and transition it into an international organisation.