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Agriculture Committee

In line with the common understanding shared by GTI Member States and recommendations from the study report, the Greater Tumen Initiative Agriculture Committee is established under the GTI framework to support bilateral and multilateral agricultural cooperation, rural development and food security in NEA in order to fully realize the diverse natural resources and agricultural potential in the region.

The well coordinated sustainable agriculture sector development that links up the abundant natural resources, labor force and advanced technologies available in the GTI is considered as a vital of importance for regional and rural economic development, trade facilitation, food safety and security in the region.

The GTI Agriculture Committee (hereinafter Committee) is therefore established as a coordination and advisory mechanism to facilitate agricultural cooperation in the GTR for achieving sustainable agricultural development and ensure food security in the region. Under this overarching objective, the Committee shall focus on the following three major objectives:


Support regional economic prosperity through policy coordination, joint investments and financing in the agricultural sector and trade facilitation of agricultural products;

Promote sustainable management practices in farming and food production through exchange of information, technology transfer and supporting innovations;

Contribute to food security in the region, especially through sustainable production of staple crops.