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From the steppes of Mongolia to the historical cities of Northeast China, through to the spiritual mountains of China and Korea and to the frontiers of the Russian Far East, the Greater Tumen Region holds the potential to develop a thriving tourism industry that can enhance regional cooperation and reduce poverty. Under the GTI, the member states are seeking to harmonise tourism policies, simplify frontier formalities, and introduce multi-destination Greater Tumen Region tourism products. The GTI Tourism Board brings together public and private stakeholders as well as experts to help define and prioritise the initiatives for regional tourism development.


The GTI seeks to create an environment that facilitates an increase in the number of cross-border visitors to the GTR. The following objectives have been identified for the cooperation on tourism by the GTI member countries:

• Increase cross-border tourist flows throughout the GTR;
• Improve tourist facilities and services at key staging points in the GTR;
• Promote the GTR as a globally-attractive tourism destination; and
• Facilitate the simplification of frontier formalities, including tourism visa procedures, developing a common visa arrangement between the member countries.