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Transport Board

Sitting at the crossroads of trade and transport routes between Europe, Northeast Asia, and North America, the Greater Tumen Region offers unparalleled access to various markets. The GTI member countries have reaffirmed regional transport connectivity in the GTR as the top priority for GTI cooperation. GTI aims at the development and construction of key regional transport corridors, connecting through major ports, railways and roads in the GTR, to reduce the transportation costs for the movement of goods and people. In this context, the GTI Transport Board, composed of senior officials from transport authorities of GTI member countries, was established in 2010 to facilitate the development of adequate transport infrastructure and logistical networks in the region.


Cooperation in the transport sector is to realise the following objectives:


• Enhance transport and logistics physical infrastructure in the GTR;
• Simplify the cross-border transportation procedures and reduce non-physical obstacles;
• Develop efficient, safe and sustainable transport and logistics services in the GTR; and
• Enhance smooth and seamless cross-border and transit movement of passengers and freight.