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GTI Workshop on Hydrogen Energy
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The GTI Workshop on Hydrogen Energy was held on 8 June 2023 virtually. The event was successfully organized with the support of Russia and the attendance of China, ROK, Mongolia, UNDP China, and AIIB.

In the opening session, Ms. Yana Smagina, Consultant from the Ministry of Energy, Russian Federation, and Mr. Zhang Yan, Director General from China Energy Hydrogen Technology Research Institute kicked off the workshop with remarks on their respective country's hydrogen efforts. From Mongolia, Mr. Yeren-Ulzii Batmunkh, Director General of the Policy and Planning Department, Ministry of Energy, announced the country's exploration of hydrogen technology, and Mr. Rhee Han Woo, Director General of Hydrogen & Energy Technology Group, Ulsan Technopark from ROK spoke about their ambitious goal to become a global leader in hydrogen vehicles and fuel cells. Mr. Andrey Smorodin, Director of the GTI Secretariat, highlighted the importance of developing a secure low-carbon power system to meet growing energy demands, emphasizing the crucial role of hydrogen energy.

During the first topic, "Development of Hydrogen Energy. New Challenges and Opportunities", the growth of the hydrogen energy sector was discussed, with a focus on the transition from coal to renewable hydrogen. The delegates acknowledged the challenges such as elevated costs associated with renewable hydrogen supply chains, inadequate large-scale storage and transport infrastructure, and the necessity for industry-specific standards.

The second topic discussed the Current State and Prospects of the Development of Hydrogen Energy Technologies. Delegates shed light on the remarkable advancements in hydrogen energy technologies, ranging from production and storage to end-use applications. Particularly, China's impressive progress in electrolyzer technology, ROK's innovative proposition for a clean hydrogen certification system, and Russia's comprehensive technology roadmap for hydrogen energy development until 2030, stood out as seminal contributions.

The final topic of the workshop centered around Measures of State Support and International Cooperation for Hydrogen Production Projects. The critical role of governmental support and international collaboration in developing the hydrogen industry was emphasized. The UNDP China outlined its key roles in supporting developing countries in the energy transition and in promoting hydrogen economy efforts. Additionally, the AIIB shared its perspective on the challenges, opportunities, and potentialities for financing clean hydrogen projects.